‘Sweet Pea’ – Banshee

Very happy to have had this poem in the most recent issue of Banshee. Available to purchase here: https://www.bansheelit.com/read/introducing-issue-13-springsummer-2022


View Source Project

Privileged to have worked with the singular Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe on this Solus Nua project. The poems are an attempt to write from the perspectives of the two horses of Cú Chulainn, Liath Macha and Dubh Sainglend, and are generously accompanied by images and video by the artist Yingge Xu. The project is facilitated by Fallow Media, and owes a debt of gratitude to the skills of Ian Maleney.

Available here: https://viewsource.solasnua.org/